Zingers and One Liners

The funny things players say. If I attribute a quote to the wrong player, someone let me know.

Prescott recognizes Sybil. Do any of the hookers recognize Gil?


He’s an intelligent boy, let’s set his site higher. Win the Nobel Prize or Die!

Sybil talking about Dennis the Chemist

What kind of pick up line did he use?
“You gonna finish that?”

Ehud explaining to someone about how the fat guy got the girl

We can’t roll initiative, Jeff’s here!


“Between the Indian, the carpenter and the cop you’ve dated most of the Village People.”

Unknown, said to Ceelie after the time change.

“she flies everything else at half mast.

Unknown, in reference to Sybil and her cloths.

“The Other White meat.”

Ceelie when she was mistaken for Sybil

“All Your Captain Amazings are belong to me!”

Jeff, said after Ed KOs the one Gil had been fighting

Zingers and One Liners

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