The job of mooks is mainly to be an inconvenience for the heroes, not a serious threat. They might get lucky and hurt the heroes from time to time, but for the most part they are cannon fodder, more a threat to bystanders and thus requiring the heroes attention then a threat to the heroes personally.

Mooks then are represented by a bunch of D6, 1 for each mook in the group. They attack the heroes in groups, but they don’t follow the same attack roll/damage roll procedure that normal combat uses.

To hit, the mooks roll 1D20+X+Attack Value, X being the number of mooks that are attacking the hero. The attack value doesn’t stack, it remains the same if it’s one mook or fifty. they gain a bonus from the number of them there are simply because if enough people shoot at you there is a good chance someone will hit you.

For damage the number of mooks targeting a hero each roll 1D6, which are totaled, and this is treated like a damage roll against the heroes Toughness. There is a maximum number of dice that can be applied and this is the PL of the game. So, in our current game this would be 8. Also, remove one die for each rank of Impervious Toughness the hero has. So if three mooks attack a hero, rolling a 2,5,4 that would be 2+5+4=11. This total is compared to the Toughness with the Damage Roll numbers applied and damage, if any, is calculated normally.

Hitting mooks is just like hitting anyone in combat. The mooks have a Defense Number, if the to hit roll exceeds the Defense Number for the mook then the attack hits. To take out a mook you’ve hit costs 1 AP.


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