Minor Characters and Honorable Mentions

AND – Robot minion of Chaos. Now does phone support for United Amalgamated Insurance.

Boothby. R&D guy who builds many of Gil’s toys.

Crescent City Cavaliers – City Football team.

Dennis Birch aka Dennis the Chemist. Mensa, math and chemistry skills. Disturbingly high IQ and 15. He cooked up the Insomnia Compound and introduced it into the water supply as a sort of Mad Scientist Demo so that some corp would pay for his college. The team thwarted his plan. Ed tells him “Before you embark on another ambitious scheme, call me. I may be able to introduce you to some people.” Dennis got his 15 minutes of fame and provided the authorities with an antidote.

Disorder aka Errol Cardenas. Former partner of Chaos, now works as a cement layer.

Harry Grisham. Proprietor of Babylon.

Horace Sato. Latin mob, runs their interests in the North East part of the city. Mostly prostitution, car theft, and guns.

Kimberly Cummings. A woman that came to Ed to help her find out about her mother. The things she didn’t know, about her mother’s secret identity. Her mother was Enduring Shadow. She came to his office because she had a dream and saw the building and the sign. When Ed and Kim shook hands there was a….something inexplicable.

Max Ripper Malone. Motorcycle gang leader that suddenly developed super powers and went after the cop that busted him. The team stopped him at the cop’s house. When the team faced him he had super strength and was mostly invulnerable. He hadn’t been the week before.

Panic aka Winston Raymond. Former partner of Chaos, now manages a Copy Plus store.

Odin Security. Security company in Crescent City. They provide on site as well as video surveillance for a number of parking lots and construction sites.

Ravil Isyanov. Former KGB spook, and a very unpleasant person.

Raymond Burgerman Esquire!. A lawyer, ambulance chaser, and sod. He had files on the whole team. Has an office in the same building where Ed has his office.

Sean Jackson. Quarterback for the Crescent City Cavaliers. He’s gay and somewhat in the closet. Sybil is using him as her publicity boy friend.

Stanley Misikoff – Jewish mortician. He handled the remains of Solomon Wise. He also helped the medical examiner and Gerald Dane remove Wise’s heart, which was transplanted into Saul Ryznik.

Tofur Brink. Scientific Adviser to the team.

Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky. Former General in the KGB, now a sort of Russian Mob go-between and fixer. He puts people in touch with other people.

William Patrick Lochland – Gil’s Dad. The team recently learned he was in a snuff film, circa 1971.

Minor Characters and Honorable Mentions

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