Matt's Research and Watchlist

This page collects the requests people have made of Matt’s time and skills. When adding an entry, please indicate who is requesting or should be contacted if any results come up.

Active Research Projects

Projects are tasks assigned to Matt which are expected to take a significant amount of time. Matt needs help prioritizing his time, so please help him out.

  • “Blackstone Penitentiary” (Ed) — (Priority High) profiling Blackstone, chasing rumors of a secret wing, disappearing masks/capes, following Serroyan’s trail. Trying to profile traffic in/out of the site, power use, etc. Anything to highlight discrepancies between Blackstone’s official profile and reality.

Watchlist Items

These are items people have asked Matt to monitor, and report if something comes up.

  • “Strange Stuff” (everyone) — anything that piques Matt’s interest
  • Project Sauron (Ed) — files found at Cloverfield Magnetic Endeavors reference this project. Linked to attempts to create supers. Replaced several prior projects. Many powered folk disappeared via projects in this area.
  • “Project Preservation” (Ed) — files found at Cloverfield Magnetic Endeavors reference this project. DDS SAC Christopher Palermo asked Ed for copies, if he should run across them. The files were incomplete, and not comprehensible without further information.
  • “Enduring Shadow” (Ed) — Search the past 40 years of news and related items to find any explicit involvement by Enduring Shadow, as well as any “possibly” involvement. Initial search complete, lots of conflicting information.

Matt's Research and Watchlist

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