Ed's Activities

A gathering of things Ed is doing.

SOP elements:

  • Unless Ed knows why someone is seeking him, he tries to avoid acknowledging that he is indeed Ed until necessary. This was originally developed as a defensive time-buying technique to hold off debt collectors and such. Now the tactic is still a defensive mechanism of habit. If someone is asking for help and appears to be looking for his PI persona, he’ll usually take pity and engage them in conversation.
  • After the Ed(‘) visit, Ed installs an alarm system on his office. Configured to start video when motion is detected or the office doors (outer & inner) are opened. Sends message to a cell number to alert Ed, doesn’t call the police. Time is spent to locate the cameras carefully so even an expert would be challenged. Plus a few decoys, including at least one obvious one in the outer office.
  • Weekly activities:
    • Contact with half-sister Kimberly Cummings — coffee, lunch, phone call, email or somesuch depending on schedules and locations
    • Rotating check-in with various contacts and locations around Crescent City (maintaining Streetwise, contacts, etc.)
    • Practicing base jumping and hang-gliding — also recently started experimenting with a flying suit (picture)
    • Walking tour of scenic areas of Crescent City, like the park, enjoying the sights and taking pictures for fun


Topics for which Ed is awaiting new information before taking action. See also requests made of Tofer’s Research and Watchlist and Matt’s Research and Watchlist.

  • Raymond Bergerman, lawyer in Ed’s building, has a profile on Ed’s family. Ed is paying attention to Bergerman’s activities, trying to determine whether he is a threat, and to keep him not worse than neutral with respect to Ed and family.
  • New articles or activities of note by Katherine Herald. Ed doesn’t yet know of Gil & Katherine’s late night “date.” This might promote Katherine from “casual resource” to “interesting contact.”

Ed's Activities

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