Crescent City-Locations

Crescent City Locations

Babylon. Exotic dance club and current employer of Nikki Patterson.

Bad Investment. Club owned by Reginald Fairfield. The one from an alternate dimension spends a good amount of time there running the place. It keeps him away from himself.

Blackstone Penitentiary.

Burlap Saks. The Natural Fiber Clothing Store. For the hippie in all of us

Chandler’s By The Bay. Seafood and steak house near the mid-town marina.

Club Neon.

Crescent City Chronicle. Oldest print newspaper in the city.

Crescent City Mall, “The Mall” : Crescent City’s largest mall attracts a large volume of customers daily. Current mall establishments include:
  • Crunchy Taco—home of the $100 taco!
  • Curious Porpoise—t-shirt/shirt store

Crescent Hill Park

Crunchy Taco. Home of the Hundred Dollar Taco


The Dude’s

Frost Palace Hotel.

Fuch’n Donuts.

Jeffersonian Institution.

The Outhouse.

Quee Queg’s Qoffe.

Rudy’s Record Shack.

Sully’s Pub.

The Warm Kettle.

Crescent City-Locations

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