William "Billy" Bigley

Elvis impersonator doing two shows a night off the strip in Vegas.


Billy Bigley, former partner and keeper for Professor Bedlam. Billy went by Rex then, because if you could have any name you wanted it would be a cool name.

Billy is a shapechanger. He can mimic anyone he sees, and do their voice if he hears them. If he makes skin to skin contact he can fake retina scans and finger prints.

He went straight after the Seattle incident. He left Bedlam when Professor B said that he was going to pull off one final job, Billy had lost the taste for mayhem by then. He went to Bedlam’s funeral, and moved to Vegas after that to go to work. He’s been there and doing alright ever since.

He doesn’t know much about Bedlam’s Bedlam Broadcaster. He turns into Bedlam, and recites the mantra, “Yes my dear Rex, no one can resist my Bedlam Broadcaster. It distorts the very liquids they rely on to perceive their world.” Then he turns back. “Yeah, they’d get neasueus and fall down a lot. Except for Captain Amazing, it really did a number on him. He’d fall down, vomit, cry. And even I could kick his ass.”

William "Billy" Bigley

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