Tamara Ben-Moshe/Jennifer Atoll

Missing sister of Ehud, not so missing anymore.


After being badly wounded in an attack on her family young Tamara crawled outside into some bushes. She was relieved when a police detective found her. He explained to her that he was going to help her, but she had to trust him. He took her to a street doctor who patched her up and she recovered over the next several weeks.

She only knew what she was told, and Price Atoll told her that her death had been part of a larger conspiracy. She needed to disappear, start a new life. He told her he’d help her, he would protect her.

They moved to Florida and Tamara became Jennifer Atoll, daughter of Price Atoll. For years she lived a fairly normal life. She had friends, she went to school, and she saw a Psychiatrist. He helped her deal with the trauma of her shooting. Everything was fine.

The summer between her Junior and Senior year of high school the office of her Psychiatrist burned down. It was arson, but there were no chemicals, it was as if the fire came from nothing and left the same way. He left the state, and she continued with her life.

After graduating high school she enrolled in the University of Florida with a major in international studies. She got a visit from her former Psychiatrist just before Spring Break. When she went home on spring Break everything seemed fine.

The Atoll home burned down under mysterious circumstances. The same sort of circumstances that Jennifer Atoll’s Psychiatrist’s office burned down. The badly burned remains of Price Atoll were found. The body of his daughter was not. There is a police bulletin out for her.

Michael O’Riordan followed a trail of a girl that he thought might have been Tamara Ben-Moshe up the southern East coast. She touched down a couple of times in the Carolinas and was certainly heading North.

Ehud was run off the road into a building with a stolen garbage truck. There was heat damage to the truck, and the lipstick kiss on his cheek had DNA that matched the blood of the third victim at his families home shooting. Always assumed to be his sister.

Baby sister had come home. The next time they saw each other was at Cloverfield Magnetic Endeavors. Tamara and Elenor Saroyan were there to destroy the dimensional gate. The reunion between Ehud and Tamara was warm, but not in a family way. She has super powers too. And so the pair tried to do each other serious bodily harm.

Tamara has been unseen since the universe was reset by the time traveler.

Tamara Ben-Moshe/Jennifer Atoll

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