Reginald Fairfield

Nothing could be better than two gun weilding vigilantes, right?....


Reggie is the son of Malcolm Fairfield, a very successful and influential lawyer turned federal judge. In high school Reggie learned his father was on the take, and it broke his world view. Until university, when he met Gil Lockland and the rest of the Hat Squad. They gave him direction, and purpose. And thus the Grey Ghost was born.

Earlier in the year another Reggie showed up from another dimension, and now they take turns being the Grey Ghost.

In his world, when you meet up with another Mask, a common recognition sign is to ask them Have you read any good books lately To which they answer Still working on War and Peace. When he approaches Sybil, and then Gil here and doesn’t get the recognition sign he assumes that they’re not part of the War. Later the team learns he’s the Mask Gray Ghost and strike up an alliance with him. Gil and he spend some evenings chatting. Gill says, that if there were a recognition sign here it would be Who’s your daddy? so when they meet Reggie will ask Gil Read any good books lately? to which Gil will reply Who’s your daddy?

Reginald Fairfield

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