Michael O'Riordan

Delores' father. Cop from a long line of cops. Father of six children. Retired.


Michael O’Riordan retired from the CCPD after 23 years on the force. He was considered an honest cop, and his record was spotless. That’s why there was pressure for him to go. Most of his children are cops, and the department doesn’t like strong pockets of resistance to the status quo, so they suggested that if Mike wanted his kids to continue to move up in the department, he would have to move out.

Mike runs a fishing charter service in Florida with a friend, and splits his time between Crescent City and Key West.

He did a little digging for Ehud, attempting to track down his sister. He found some leads that placed her moving North from Florida through the Carolinas. That was about a week before she let Ehud know she was back in town.

Michael O'Riordan

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