Matthew Ferrel

Team Support Hacker and Data Guy


Matt is a code monkey. He did mostly freelance work, which is how he inadvertently helped the Russian mob get a back door into the CCPD computer system. The team bailed him out after some very bad people tried to kill him, for something else he wrote. He wrote the targeting software for the surface to surface missiles that have been falling on the city. He was writing it as part of a larger game project. He never thought the system would be used to control real missiles in the real world.

Now he works for us. Hacker, data specialist. Photographer. He has a collection of stills all over the loft. The team in their costumes, some artistic shots of various members as they relax. And several of Sybil dressed in mock-ups of the costumes of heroines from before the Seattle Incident, and a few of the ones that have appeared since.

Matthew Ferrel

Mean Streets MAD secretoracle