Katherine Herald

Investigative photo jouranlist who has come to Crescent City to see why the crime is so bad, and what can be done.


Investigative journalist with a nose for danger and a sharp eye with a camera. Herald has been embedded with Marines in Iraq, she’s been at the bottom of the ocean with deep sea drillers, she’s even been on the space shuttle. Now she’s in Crescent City.

Herald is doing a series for the Crescent City Chronicle about corruption in the city and why things are so bad here. Her story has taken a left hand turn since the appearance of the capes in the city, and she’s riding along with it to see where it takes her.

She’s shared info with Ed on previous occasions and even Gil. She’s had her preconceptions about Gil being a rich elitist shattered through his hard work. She has not met any of the others.

Katherine Herald

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