Jasper Kessling

Montreal police detective "on loan" to Crescent City. He's the guy they give all the strange cases to.


A twelve year veteran of the Montreal Police, Kessling saved the life of the Prime Minister’s Daughter after the girl had been kidnapped by a serial killer and taken into the wilderness. Kessling was convinced the killer had headed West into the wilds, but the rest of the Montreal PD was convinced he was headed East.

Kessling tracked the suspect and girl to a small cabin near Yellow Knife. The suspect was killed during the encounter and Kessling was wounded. He received a medal for his courage and was made available to the Crescent City Police as part of an officer exchange program.

Kessling is who gets all the cape cases. And there have been a lot of them. He’s said to have a strangely disarming way with people, and a slow dogged nature that makes him an excellent detective.

He keeps saying he came to America for a chance to shoot people, since they don’t do that much where he’s from. In addition to his standard issue police automatic issued to him by the force he carries a .454 Casull revolver with a 4 inch barrel that he uses with custom made rubber bullets. A combination of intimidating and non-lethal.

Kessling has helped the team before with information and access to evidence and crime scenes. He’s aware there is something going on with them and the foundation and the capes, but as long as they’re on his side he’s not inclined to talk about it.

Kessling is known by many as an honest cop, and he was hand picked for this assignment by the Police Commissioner, which leads people to believe that he was given this specific job because the commissioner didn’t trust anyone else with it.

Jasper Kessling

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