Cyrus Frost Jr.


Older brother of Sybil Frost, Cyrus runs the family empire.

Long time friend of Gil Lockland, and best man at Gil and Persephone’s wedding. Cyrus and Gil were roommates in college along with Reginald Fairfield and Charles Vanderbuilt. Together the four began their crime fighting activities. Gil, Reggie, and Charles donned costumes and took their assorted skills to the streets. Cyrus served as backup and operational support for the other three.

After he left university he went into business school and all but left the crime fighting lifestyle.

Cyrus runs the Frost family business, freeing his parents to pursue time with each other and assorted philanthropic activities. He has a wife, Lana, and they have two daughters Camille and Lois.

Cyrus Frost Jr.

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