Ceelie Hunter

Crescent City Search and Rescue team member and dog handler




Mother – Cerulean Daydream Hunter aka Blue Jay, a hero from the 60s

Father – ? Hunter aka Chaos, a villain from the 60s

“Sister-Aunt” — Cecelia (UnCeelie) Chase

After marrying, Blue Jay and Chaos retired to dedicate their lives to helping those less fortunate. They run a homeless shelter. Ceelie grew up in that environment.

A traumatic experience in her past (dead Daniel) causes her to run away hard from anything remotely resembling a potential non-platonic relationship. Doesn’t want to be fixed up with anybody, doesn’t try to take anybody home, doesn’t want to go home with anybody. Has turned down who knows how many offers. Goes out of her way to downplay any looks she has.

Except now Daniel never died, even though she remembers it that way.

Ceelie Hunter

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