Barry Davis

Money Launderer and friend of Sybil's


Barry had traveled the world with his family when he was young, and was a gifted artist. He turned his talents to forgery, fabrication, and flattery. He’s a money launderer now after giving up his career in crime to serve a higher yet less well paid calling as a….well a spy.

He has good taste in food and wine. He has a sister who he adores and she has a husband which he tolerates. Jackass, the name he uses to refer to the brother-in-law, has one redeeming quality and that is that he makes a wonderful cheese cake.

Sybil seems to think of Barry as a man who is comfortable and prefers to keep his life of danger and excitement in his past. Not a good mix for a woman who is an adrenaline junkie with super powers.

Barry Davis

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