Kimberly Cummings


From Crescent City where she works as a social worker.

Daughter of Mark Cummings, who married Sarah Shields (Cummings). Mark was a Crescent City Police Officer, hurt in the line of duty.

Kim has lots of files and a picture of Sarah Shields, who it turns out is also known as Enduring Shadow, making Kim the half-sister of Edgar Shinner

Kim has had dreams which seem to be of the future. Dreamed of Ed, visited him in Crescent City, got a “shock” when they shook hands.

Kim was also unaffected by the recent ‘Time Shift’ and remembers living in Hamilton Ohio with her father, who passed away recently. This is what started her on the road to finding out more about Enduring Shadow.

In the current time line Mark Cummings didn’t leave Crescent City after the disappearance of his wife. Kim went to college in Ohio, and returned to become a social worker here.

Kimberly Cummings

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