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The Ethics Of Terminal Velocity

Cassie's on-the-fly game notes

August 28, 2010

Gil learns from his lab analysis that the Confederate currency is genuine and was part of a collection that disappeared in the 1970s. The collection belonged to a man named Roland Evans.

The team invites Barry to a Foundation safe house to consult him on the case, but he has nothing to add except that he suspects the Confederate currency is unrelated to the film and merely contemporaneous with it. That is, Spence hid the items at the same time, but they have nothing to do with one another.

Gil’s lab tells him the Confederate currency is counterfeit.

Ehud calls to tell Ed that Valentin Zukovsky got a lead on the item, the vial of blood, that Saroyan paid to acquire. (Ehud is at an O’Riordan wake.)

Gil and Nikki go to see Leonard Berkshire. Gil shows Berkshire several stills from the snuff film. Berkshire seems to believe that Gil is willing to continue to conceal the evidence, and he says that there are several other members of Crescent City’s political and financial elite who engaged in similar activities. He calls it “the club.”

Malkovich tells Ed to deliver the film to Berkshire’s suitcase.

The team has a discussion of the ethics involved in torturing, psychologically, a torturer, Leonard Berkshire, to acquire further names for investigation. (My fault. I’ve been longing for an opportunity to drop someone from a great height into the Arctic. Ah, well. A girl can dream.)

Ed and Ceelie go to see Valentin Zukovsky. Zukovsky tells them the blood was from Crimson Justice, and incidentally Zukovsky thinks Crimson Justice was a powerful Communist agent. Zukovsky thinks the blood was obtained sometime in the 1960s.

Ed and Ceelie manage to slip the film into Leonard Berkshire’s baggage at the airport. A TSA inspector finds the film, and security picks Berkshire up after he passes through the checkpoint. The authorities descend, and Ed and Ceelie leave.

Later the news covers Leonard Berkshire’s arrest on suspicion of murder. The FBI puts him in protective custody because they can’t trust the Crescent City PD.

The team meets with Evans to ask him about the money’s significance. Evans is a Civil War historian funded by his family’s fortune. Evans says the money was minted in Richmond and was going to be shipped south to Florida. It was hijacked in the process, and the money was taken north to buy black-market weapons from a Confederate source. A mask took the money from them and was going to use the money to smuggle slaves out of the South, into the North.

Evans shows them the bag in which the money was delivered on its original journey. He says that rumor has it that the original courier was a Union spy who traded the real currency for counterfeit currency printed in the North to devalue Confederate money. The bag has three initials in it, AJW.

Gil realizes, from looking at photographs of the original display in which Evans kept the money, that four bills are missing. Evans provides his original police report in which he mentions those extra bills. However the police report on file with the CCPD excludes those bills. Evans tells the team that those bills has a blood stain on them reputed to have come from the mask who made the final heist. Research into the Wise family history comes up with the name Andrew Jackson Wise. Ed finds a picture of him, and A.J. Wise does not resemble Solomon sufficiently to be an alias.

Genetic analysis reveals that Wise has a dominant genome. The Wise bloodline breeds true. In fact Ed looks exactly like A.J. Wise.

Ehud and Dolores, meanwhile, have been driving to Minnesota to inform the family of the murder victim from the snuff film.

Evans tells them that he once hosted a Victory Day party and that William Lochland tried to purchase the money.

Malkovich gives the team invitations to a beach party hosted by Sybil’s mother, Iris Frost.

Zukovsky gives Ed a report from a Soviet agent in the U.S. about the activities of Red Hero, but the report demonstrates that Red Hero isn’t Wise. Instead Red Hero refers to Captain Amazing, husband of Miss Meteor. Ed recognizes her from his flashback.


Two items of note. The DNA panel from the blood on the bag is an EXACT match for Ed’s DNA panel. Ed does not LOOK anything like AJ Wise.

Although the players know that Captain Amazing was the husband of Meteor Girl(?) that is not common knowledge. They can learn the identity of his wife and children, but even Captain amazing didn’t know his wife was Meteor Girl.

The Ethics Of Terminal Velocity

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