Mean Streets MAD

Only One Is Ever Happy

Cassie's on-the-fly game notes

October 2, 2010

Ehud goes to visit Max Arguello. Max says no one has seen Eleanor Saroyan in Blackstone, but a fellow long-term inmate, Sal, reported that he overheard three men refer to Saroyan as a potential means of finding Tamar, Ehud’s sister. They discussed releasing her into the “general population.”

Gil puts a tail on Saroyan. Ceelie goes out to tail the two mystery guys who are also following Saroyan. Matt checks Ceelie’s pictures of the mystery operatives and reports that the operatives all have had restraining orders laid on them. They’re barred from Saroyan’s presence. They seem to have a way of tracking Saroyan. Nikki evaluates their dialect and thinks they’re probably mid-Atlantic in origin. Gil learns that the mystery operatives seem to have LoJacked Saroyan. Matt observes that the mystery men seem to be two file clerks with the Department of Justice.

Matt reports that the two men mentioned two names, Stark and Foley—Calvin Stark, Deputy Director of the FBI, and Gerald Foley, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. Mark then reports that Stark and Foley once worked for the Department of Defense as file clerks.

Gil goes to see Saroyan. Saroyan reveals covertly that she knows someone has surgically placed a tracking device beneath her skin. She tells him to take his things with him. Saroyan says something that William Lochland would often say, “In relationships like ours only one person is ever happy.”

Gil looks through his things and finds an immunosuppressant drug hidden in his razor.

Matt says that no less than seven of Stark’s subjects disappeared into the federal prison system.

Peter says that he suspects the device might be explosive.

The team concocts a tanning-salon scheme to remove the device from Saroyan’s back. Sybil recruits Cecelia Sarbaines to take Saroyan to the salon where Gil has disguised the equipment to scan Saroyan as a tanning bed.

Gil later analyzes the data and learns that the device is integrated into Saroyan’s nervous system and contains a binary chemical explosive. He learns that the device comes from Copeland Medical Devices, a subsidiary of Lochland Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Ed, Ehud, and Sybil go to see Valentin Zukovsky to ask him for his expertise in intelligence and counterintelligence. They ask him to investigate Stark and Foley, and Sybil mentions her hunch that it has to do with Project Sauron.

Nikki goes home and meets a stranger on her doorstep, her grandfather (mother’s father) Milton Fine. He claims he’s been looking for Nikki’s mother for twenty-five years. Nikki’s mother, he says, changed her name from Fine to Patterson. He says his wife passed away a few years ago. He shows Nikki pictures of his family—him, his wife, a girl whom he identifies as Nikki’s mother, and a little boy of approximately the same age whom he identifies as Derek, Nikki’s uncle.



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