Mean Streets MAD

Icky Truths - GM Notes

The team began looking into something that happened at Nikki’s place while she was out of town. Her friend Florence will often use Nikki’s place to entertain. She has a full time boyfriend, and a need for additional entertainment. She was attacked, in Nikki’s house, by two men. She was convinced they would have killed her, but luckily someone intervened. The UnCeelie. The attackers got away, but the UnCeelie stayed until the paramedics arrived.

This led to the question of why. The thugs had torn Nikki’s place apart, they were obviously looking for something. Later on the team went back to look for whatever it might have been, having learned that the thugs were acting for a third party, not their normal mob bosses. They found an old movie camera and a bag of money. Crisp confederate currency.

The film was developed and Nikki watched it. It turned out to be a snuff film. When the team looked it over Gil realized that one of the two men was his father, William Lochland. The girl remained a mystery as did the other man.

The team went to talk to the CCPD detective in charge of Cold Cases. They begin to review the photos of cases from the time that match the criteria Multiple Stab Wounds. There are plenty. They manage to find her though, and then the Foundation begins the process of exhuming her body to see what they can learn and try and ID her.

During the investigation they make some connections and ID the second man. A prominent member of the health care community. Current head of Sacred Heart Hospital, and on the short list to be the next President of Crescent City University. Leonard Berkshire.



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