Mean Streets MAD

Coming Out Of Retirement

Cassie's on-the-fly game notes

September 25, 2010

Kessling tells Ehud that they’ve found a dead man who’s one of Ehud’s family friends, Albert Nesh. He was shot by a mental patient named Oliver Wilson who claimed he was from the Nebulon galaxy and who had a ray gun. Nesh was wearing a superhero-like costume when he died.

Ehud goes to visit his friend Max in Blackstone. He asks Max for information on Eleanor Saroyan.

Christopher Palermo, DDS agent, calls Ed and asks him to look for boxes marked “Project Preservation” or with a particular reference number. Ed asks Topher to look at the specs of the transmogrifying ray. Ed delivers copies of the papers from Cloverfield to Palermo.

Ed takes pictures of the ray gun to Ceelie’s dad. He identifies it as a weapon once used by Argent Beam (otherwise known as Price Millhouse), a villain from the 1960s. His enemy was Specter, whose costume matched the costume in which Mr. Nesh was found. Ed finds a costume in a hiding place in the apartment above the deli. The costume belonged to Ghost, Specter’s sidekick.

Ehud goes to Mr. Nesh’s funeral where a woman who’s had a crush on him since she was a girl—

(Dealer points are fun.)

—tries to corner him. Her name is Vera. Ehud had the foresight to bring Matt with him and uses him to deflect Vera’s attentions. Ehud learns that Nesh had begun training himself again to fight crime.

Ed visits the dojo where Nesh trained. He meets Chuck, the owner.

Matt tells them that the person who lived in the apartment above the deli was Sydney Kless. They also learn where Price Millhouse lives.

The team visits Price Millhouse. Ed finds a missing baton from Specter’s murder scene. Millhouse admits that he murdered Nesh out of revenge. Kessling comes to arrest Nesh.



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